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Bassin Bleu in Jacmel Haiti

Discovering Bassin Bleu, Paradise on Earth, in Jacmel, Haiti

By Megan Collier and Raluca Velker If Bassin Bleu is yet to be added to your top world destination bucket list, then it is highly suggested that you soon revise your list with this place being towards the top. Imagine...
Into the water

Come Surf in Jacmel, Haiti, with Awe Striking Scenery

By Shannon Bullman and Megan Collier and Photos by Bryce Johnson Photography Though it may not be the first place you would think of when it comes to great surfing destinations in the Caribbean, Haiti is slowly but surely surfacing numerous...
Yoga in Haiti with Christina Clodomir

Yoga is self-enlightenment in Haiti with Christina Clodomir

By Joseph Shane Why do people turn to yoga? Mostly people start yoga to release stress, or to improve their health and physical fitness. But a large number of people report that after starting yoga they have experienced more than just...
Scuba Dive in Haiti

Scuba Diving in the Waters of Haiti

By Megan Collier and Vladimir Milojevic Have you ever wanted to explore the Caribbean not just from on top of the crystal blue waters but from underneath, taking in the natural wonders and creatures that make their homes just below...
Off Road Haiti

Off-Road Haiti is Exhilarating with Spectacular Views

By Rachel Reynolds Some people come to Haiti for the beaches, but there’s more to this fabulous island than surf and sand. Sure, you’ll enjoy the culture, but if you want an active holiday there are other amazing ways to...
Samyr Lainé: 2016 Rio de Janeiro Haitian Olympian

Samyr Lainé: 2016 Rio de Janeiro Haitian Olympian

Harvard University current triple jump record holder of 51 feet, 11 1/4 inches Laine was a university roommate of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and was the 14th person to register for the site. In 2010 Won GOLD for HAITI at the...
Richardson Hitchins and Gary Russell Rio 2016 Olympics

Richardson Hitchins: 2016 Rio de Janeiro Haitian Olympian

Athlete Profile Competing Sport: Boxing Competing Event: Welterweight Competing Games: 2016 Olympic Games, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Jeffrey Michael Julmis 2016 Rio Olympics

Jeffrey Michael Julmis: 2016 Rio de Janeiro Haitian Olympian

Haiti's most famous Olympian. Jeffrey's epic fall footage went viral. Athlete Profile Competing Sport: Track & Field Competing Event: 110m Hurdles Competing Games: 2011 Central American and Caribbean Championships Mayagüez, Puerto Rico 2012 Olympic Games, London, United Kingdom 2014 Central American and Caribbean Games, Xalapa, Mexico 2015...
Naomy Grand’Pierre 2016 Haitian Olympian

Naomy Grand’Pierre: 2016 Rio de Janeiro Haitian Olympian

2016 Rio de Janeiro Haitian Olympian: Naomy Grand’Pierre First Haitian-American woman swimmer to represent Haiti in the Olympics "A GAME CHANGER" says The Chicago Tribune Athlete Profile Competing Sport: Swimming Competing Event: Freestyle Swimming Competing Games: 2016 Women's 50 Metre Freestyle, Olympic Games, Rio de Janeiro,...