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The greatest of all Haitian painters


Philomé Obin is the acknowledged artists of Haiti who stands out and separate from all the others in this field. During his life span from July 1892 to Aug of 1986 have been masterpieces with the early ones he had created on Masonite and cardboard lost in time. His paintings were not French in their style which is what Haitian’s then appreciated. For this reason early part of his creations were not recognized. The Centre d’Art in Port-au-Prince was the ultimate place where his work found its true recognition. He continued to paint till his last days and today these creations are worth millions.

Mimi Barthelemy passes away


She had become famous as a stage artist with her opening line of “Honor and Respect, Gentlemen Ladies the Society!” This versatile stage actor known for her songs, theater and storytelling acts breathed her last on Saturday. She was 74 and been born on 3rd May 1939. She had her own style of reading out the Franco-Haitian stories and been working till recently when she complained of some cardiac issues. She also has quite a few books to her credit which mostly tell stories of the French presence in Haiti. “Tales of Haiti” has been one of her most acclaimed creation in literature.

Is Ace Hood Haitian



Weather Ace Hood is Haitian or of Haitian decent because of his parents have been generating a lot of buzz online with or without the facts. This recent surged of searches is similar to “Is Future Haitian” that happened in previous months. Reason we are comparing the two artists has to do with why most Haitians assumed this maybe true; it has to do with where they grew up and the Haitian communities surrounding them.

Future was very much possible, even WikiPedia cited that he was of Haitian Decent, and because the neighborhood Future grew up in has a lot of Haitians. But WiKiPedia was later edited and Future’s profile on the site no longer has any reference of him being possibly of Haitian decent.

Now as for Ace Hood, a lot of people in South Florida should know his Mother and if they saying Ace Hood’s mother is Haitian, I’m sure they have their solid reason. Ace Hood’s Mom was a security guard at the same High School he graduated from. South Florida accounts for at least 1/3 of Haitians living in the United States. There are quiet a few Haitian that like to do Security Jobs and they know each in the community. The odds that Ace Hood is of Haitian Decent is very much possible.

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The painter in Prosper Pierre-Louis

Possible Haiti News Network Source: Le Nouvelliste


The Saint Soleil School of art in Haiti has Prosper Pierre-Louis to thank for its formation and recognition. Prosper Pierre-Louis had been known for his depiction of the Vodou Loas and of spirits on his canvas. Born in the October of 1947, Prosper Pierre-Louis had no formal training in painting. He worked at various jobs till he was 16 when he joined the “Saint Soleil”. At that time he was a waiter by profession. His paintings and works had not been recognized in the beginning. But persistence proved his forte when slowly his work started getting recognized. He died in the November of 1997 which is quite a short life span.

A prolific Haitian Artist, Petion Savain

Possible Nouvelles D’Haiti Source: Radio Lumiere


Petion Savain was by profession a lawyer and a man of literature. He has two books of his published in 1939. Later on in life he also added newspaper columnist and teacher to his list of achievements. So far as his paintings go, there have been many creations which brought him laurels. These have been put up at the national art galleries like the Grand Central art gallery or the Riverside Museum in New York. These creations depict his presence and acceptance worldwide. Petion Savain passed away in 1973. His work and achievements however bring pride to the Haitian community as yet and he lives through these creations in the world even now.

Boxer Joachim Alcine

Possible Haiti News Source: Radio Caraibes 


He was born on 26 March 1976 in Gonaïves of Haiti. He turned into a professional boxer and now resides in Montreal, Quebec. In his illustrious career he has won the WBA Fedelatin Title in the middle weight category by defeating Jose Hilton Dos Santos in 2004. He has to his fame 31 wins with 19 by knock out. Currently he holds the WBO champions title in the middle weight category. He is always under training and right now doing so with sparring partner Georges St Pierre. He has been instrumental in bringing boxing as a sport to the forefront in Haiti.

More Haitian Celebrities 

Long Jumper Silvio P Cator

Possible Nouvelles D’Haiti Source: Sakapafet


One of the Haitian athletes of fame, Silvio p Cator born on October 9th 1900 achieved his success in the long jump event. In his initial years Silvio born in Cator was an avid football player. He even played for the Trivoli Athletic Club and Racing Club. Then came the Olympic of 1924, where he participated in the long and high jump events. While he secured the 15th position in long jump he came 12th in the high jump. At the Summer Olympics of 1928 held in Amsterdam he got a silver medal in long jump. He was later elected as the mayor of Port-au-Prince and was responsible for the multi-use stadium there.

More Haitian Celebrities 

Tony Yayo from G-Unit is of Haitian Decent

Tony Yayo Haitian

Tony Yayo, real name Marvin Benard is of Haitian Decent. His mostly known for being 50 Cent long time friend and being of the G-Unit family, and of course pal with Lloyd Banks. Success as rapping a career, his debut album did not perform well enough back in 2005, even with 50 Cent at the top of his game in that era. On the G-Unit latest effort to put out a successful album T.O.S. or Terminate on Site in 2008, he held the Haitian flag above on the set and on the video. The album did okay with 102,000 in its first week, but not as great as G-Unit Beg for Mercy that went 2X Platinum in the US back in 2003, when 50 Cent could have sold anything he touched.

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Future, the Rapper, of Haitian Decent


Future, real name, Nayvadius Wilburn Cash, from Atlanta Georgia, is of Haitian Decent. His best known for his major hit singles such as: Tony Montana,  Magic ft. T.I.,  Same Damn Time ft. Diddy and Ludacris on the remix, Turn on the Lights a major hit, and Neva En ft. Kelly Rowland, with Karate Chop that is his latest hit single.

Future has also collaborated with some of Hip Hop’s biggest names. From Lil’ Wayne, No Worries, Young Jeezy in Gone, Ace Hood with Bugatti  and Rihanna. While talking about female collaboration, it is said Future is going out with Bow Bow ex-girlfriend, Ciara.

With the way Future raps, sings, or whatever he does, he seems to be very solid and consistent as well for being on the radio on multiple records at the same damn time. The future looks bright for Future and we like to say THANKS for the shout out to Haitians in the Bugatti record with Ace Hood, even though we didn’t understand what he was saying.

His latest albums to date: Pluto, released in 2012; and Future Hendrix in product with Karate Chop as the lead single on the radio now.

Anyways, this is a post regarding if Future of Haitian Decent for this Haitian Celebrities series or not, and we think he is, in fact reference by WikiPedia.org as well. In any case, if you have any comment or references, do let us know, info@haitiopen.com

Lela Rochon of Haitian Decent

Lela Rochon Haitian

Lela Rochon, born to Zelma, a nurse, and artist Samuel Staples is rumored to be of Haitian Decent. She is mostly known for her role as Robin Stokes in the movie directed by Forest Whititaker, Waiting to Exale, released in 1995. She has played in movies such as: Any Given Sunday, with Jamie Foxx; Knock Off, with Jean-Claude Van-Dame; and Why Fools Fall in Love with Halle Berry.

Since Any Given Sunday, Lela Rochon has not played a formidable role worth mentioned bearing any credit towards her acting as a career; in fact, her last role was as Odessa in Supremacy, and she is not even listed as a top billed cast on IMBD.

As for ongoing appearances in the media, that maybe due to her 2nd husband Antoine Faqua; the directory of hits like Training Day with Denzel Washington and his latest successful box office Olympus has Fallen with Gerald Butler, Morgan Freeman, and Aaron Eckart.

Nonetheless, this page has to do with if Lela Rochon is in fact of Haitian Decent, so if you have additional details please let us know or comment below and we’ll keep you guys posted as well.

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