Yoga in Haiti with Christina Clodomir

Yoga is self-enlightenment in Haiti with Christina Clodomir

By Joseph Shane Why do people turn to yoga? Mostly people start yoga to release stress, or to improve their health and physical fitness. But a large number of people report that after starting yoga they have experienced more than just physical benefits – yoga inculcated in them a sense of fulfilment, self-actualization and spirituality. … Continue reading “Yoga is self-enlightenment in Haiti with Christina Clodomir”

Scuba Dive in Haiti

Scuba Diving in the Waters of Haiti

By Megan Collier and Vladimir Milojevic Have you ever wanted to explore the Caribbean not just from on top of the crystal blue waters but from underneath, taking in the natural wonders and creatures that make their homes just below the surface? Haiti offers all that you could possibly be looking for in a scuba … Continue reading “Scuba Diving in the Waters of Haiti”

Off Road Haiti

Off-Road Haiti is Exhilarating with Spectacular Views

By Rachel Reynolds Some people come to Haiti for the beaches, but there’s more to this fabulous island than surf and sand. Sure, you’ll enjoy the culture, but if you want an active holiday there are other amazing ways to see the countryside. One of the most exhilarating experiences is to go on a tour … Continue reading “Off-Road Haiti is Exhilarating with Spectacular Views”

Labadee Photo by Renee Kaiser

Experiencing Haiti via Jet Ski

By Vladimir Milojevic and Megan Collier If you have yet to ride a Jet Ski in Haiti, then you are missing out on a serious adventure of a lifetime. Imagine zooming through the waters of the Caribbean and breathing in that salty ocean air while the rest of the world passes you by. “Trips to … Continue reading “Experiencing Haiti via Jet Ski”

Photo by Lize Egle Gonzaga

Kayaking Through the Waters of Haiti

By Megan Collier Imagine gliding through the pristine waters of the Caribbean and finding yourself surrounded by pure natural beauty at nearly every turn you take. Well, if that sounds like a good time to you then there truly is no better place to do just that other than the beautiful country of Haiti. With … Continue reading “Kayaking Through the Waters of Haiti”

Cote Des Arcadins by Holly Daggett

Snorkeling off the Shores of Haiti

By Megan Collier For those planning a trip to Haiti, during the summer, chances are you are hoping and looking forward to diving right into that crystal clear Caribbean water you have seen pictures of and dreamt of for quite some time now. Though scuba diving is an option to get a little deeper, the … Continue reading “Snorkeling off the Shores of Haiti”


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