Catching a Tap-Tap in Port-au-Prince

Transportation: Your Options for Getting Around in Haiti

By Raluca Velker Availability and convenience of transportation plays a big part of any travel destination. And Haiti’s transportation system could seem as peculiar, if one does not plan ahead. If it’s your first time visiting Haiti, we’d suggest starting with transportation option #1 and option #2 on second or third visits, until you can … Continue reading “Transportation: Your Options for Getting Around in Haiti”

Flight to Haiti

Flight: What Airlines to Take When Flying to Haiti

By Megan Collier First published in the “Summer in Haiti Vol. 1′ 2015 digital edition When deciding to head to Haiti to experience all that the beautiful country has to offer an incredible and unforgettable time, it is important to figure out how and from where you are going to get there. Haiti is home … Continue reading “Flight: What Airlines to Take When Flying to Haiti”


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