“A Balanced Life” Author Anis Blemur Believes He Can Do More for the Community as the First Haitian Senator

Anis Blemur photo by @spexphoto
Anis Blemur photo by @spexphoto

First published in SPRING 2016 “TOP 10 HAITIAN Business Leaders in South Florida” edition. 

By Sarah Brutus 

Where are you from?

I am the sixth of seven children born to Rosemond & Nelta Auguste Blemur, in Cap-Haitien, Haiti. I came to the United States at the age of 19, in search of higher education and economic stability.

Where did you attend school?

Upon leaving College Notre Dame du Perpetuel Secours High School, where I earned my Baccalaureate I and II, from Cap-Haitien, I immediately enrolled at Miami Dade Community College, where I earned an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration. With great enthusiasm, I continued to invest in myself by pursuing a Bachelor in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance, from Florida International University.  In pursuit of my dream to establish the “AB” brand, I later obtained a Master of Business Administration (MBA), with a concentration in accounting, from Barry University. I’m currently working on a Phd in Business Management, with a specialty in accounting at Capella University, while actively studying for my Florida CPA license.

Do you have any philanthropy work that you are associated with?

Yes, I strongly believe in giving back to my community. I have been a youth minister throughout my adulthood. I’ve played a mentoring role for singles, married couples’ and incarcerate males, both juvenile and adults.

I’ve also spearheaded my own efforts through ABI – Anis Blemur Institute, Inc., a not-for-profit educational institution, whose purpose is to promote financial literacy. Through our computer labs, individuals of all ages are able to become computer literate by taking basic classes for free.

Through the airwaves, I’ve hosted a weekly show, for the past eight years – “La Gestion des Affaires, How to Manage your Finance, How to Manage your Business,” a commercial-free radio show dedicated to inform and educate creole speaking listeners on accounting and finance for small business owners and entrepreneurs, with the purpose to sustain nascent businesses.

In 2015, my wife and I joined hand to establish a Balanced Life Ministry, a not- for-profit endeavor, with a mission to educate our audiences on a new concept called – A Balanced Life. This initiative will empower individuals on how to balance their spiritual, emotional, financial & educational lives, a fundamental cause to mental poverty and depraved wealth.

Anis Blemur photo by @spexphoto
Anis Blemur photo by @spexphoto

“As a State Senator, I will fight to ensure that there is a proper allocation, of all available resources, throughout our district.” 

What was your reason(s) for entering into politics?

My reason for entering politics is two fold. Through my research over the years, I’ve discovered an enormous amount of government funds and programs that exist; however, they are not reaching our communities. These resources are not making it to our local schools, businesses or our households. As a State Senator, I will fight to ensure that there is a proper allocation, of all available resources, throughout our district. Secondly, I entered politics to expose and eradicate “ghost leadership” within our community. Our constituents deserve capable, hands-on leaders with a vision.

What do you think will allow you to be successful if elected into office?

I have consistently served my community for more than 25 years. As an accountant, educator, and a life & financial coach I am connected to the issues that plague our communities. A leader and a servant, I am confident that my experiences have prepared me to answer to the needs of the community with fervor and the conviction necessary, to get them results.

Moreover, I am committed to serving the people with a clear vision and an effective plan to grow our economy, provide meaningful support to our small business owners, mentor and develop our youths, provide better care and housing for our seniors, and adequately defend our veterans. With a direct focus on the needs of the people, I know, I am the best person or the job!

“My advice to a young person is never give up: losses & failures are nothing but road bumps down the path of success.”

 What advice would you give a young person looking to get into business or politics?

My advice to a young person is never give up: losses & failures are nothing but road bumps down the path of success. I myself had to recover from substantial investment losses in the past, but I did not allow it to get me off course.  I am proof, if you stay the course, success will undoubtedly be yours.

Lastly please tell us what is your favorite food?

I like good fish, raw or cooked.

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