HAITI OPEN Rewards Points Program – FAQs

Who Qualifies for the HAITI OPEN Rewards Points Program?

The program is available to anyone, worldwide, who is visiting Haiti. If you’re already used to visiting Haiti, you will now be rewarded in the future. Register for free, HERE.

What’s a single HAITI OPEN Rewards Point worth?

Every point equals a penny. 100 points equals one US dollar. Get your first 1,000 points just by registering on the site, HERE.

Is there a welcome offer?

YES! Earn 1,000 points instantly when you register, and it’s free to become a member.

How many Rewards Points can I earn per reported trip?

Up to 1,000 points per trip

Earning points is easy. Share your Haiti experience to earn points:
500 points for writing about each trip in your ‘Trips Journal” from your account
500 points for publishing at least 5 photos of your trip in your “Travel Albums” from your account

You will soon be able to earn points by taking travel quizzes, travel surveys, and by giving your opinions on how we can improve travelling to Haiti.

*You must stay at an eligible hotel during your trip to earn points. List of OFFICIAL HOTELS

How do I report my trips to earn HAITI OPEN Rewards Points?

Just write in your “Trips Journal” about your trip and publish up to 5 photos in your “Travel Albums” from your account and that’s it.

Then use the private Support ticket system in your account to provide your hotel name, reservation #, and date for us to confirm you stayed at an eligible hotel (list of OFFICIAL HOTELS).

A Haiti Open staff person will follow up to confirm your hotel booking to award you your total earned points for the trip.

500 points for writing about the trip in your ‘Trips Journal” from your account
500 points for publishing at least 5 photos of the trip in your “Travel Albums” from your account

*You have 60 days to report each trip, from your return flight date.


Who are the participating travel partners?

An official list will be provided in the upcoming April 15th, 2018 ‘Food & Travel’ magazine edition, and will be available online and inside the HAITI OPEN app. Until then, you can earn points for staying at any of the following hotel, here.

When, and how can I redeem my points?

As soon as you have earned enough points to redeem a reward you desire. Use the Checkout button in your account to visit the Rewards shop to redeem your points for free breakfast (at participating hotels), airport transportation, activity rentals, event tickets and more.

I travel to Haiti a lot. How often can I redeem points?

As often as you like. Visit the Rewards Shop to see what you can redeem base on the amount of available Reward Points. Redeem points for free hotel breakfast, airport transportation, activity rentals, and more. We’re working on creating more prizes, gifts, and ‘Made in Haiti’ products as rewards for points earned.

Can I transfer some of my points to another user?

Yes. Click on the Trophy button in your account to transfer points in your account to another user.

Will my points ever expire?

No. Never. In fact, try to accumulate enough points to earn the Gold Traveler status to earn x3 the points per trip. Click on the Badges button in your profile to see the different traveler levels.

What is the difference between a Tourist status and a Gold Traveler status?

A Tourist is someone just starting to visit Haiti, while a Gold traveler has visited Haiti on numerous occasions. The more you visit Haiti, the more points you’ll earn. A tourist will earn 500 points for publishing a new Travel Album, while a gold traveler will earn 1,500 points.

Tourist 0 – 4,999 points
Silver Traveler 5,000 – 14,999
Gold Traveler 15,000 – 29,999
Platinum Traveler 30,000 – 49,999
Diamond Traveler 50,000+

Can I earn points for referring others to the program?

Yes. You can earn 200 points for each signup you refer! Use the unique Referral URL in your account by clicking the Trophy button.

What if I need support? Or more answers?

Create a support ticket using the Support button in your account.

You can also e-mail your questions to Rewards@HaitiOpen.com

Include your full name and your username for us to identify your account. After you registered, find your username HERE


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