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Hotel Best Western inaugurated by President Michelle Martelly

Hotel Best Western inaugurated by President Michelle Martelly

The President, Michel Martelly, inaugurated the hotel Best Western Premier on April 4th at a well attended and organized event. This hotel is part of the American chain of hotels. Their high level directors and other individuals were present at the inaugural ceremony. There were representatives from both Public and private enterprises at the ceremony. This has been a joint effort and the end result is indeed noteworthy. Heads of these organizations spoke very high about the way the project has been progressed. Its location and amenities make it one of the best that tourists the world over can have. The hotel helps put Haiti in the tourism map higher than many other countries.

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Michel Martelly – Haiti’s 56th President


Michel Joseph Martelly is popularly known as “Sweet Micky,” his stage name. He is the frontman of one of the most renowned Haitian musicians for more than a decade, and he’s also a businessman and Haitian politician. Before Martelly became involved with politics, he is known for playing Haitian style dance music, a singer and a keyboardist at the same time. He was not interested to run for political office until he became a Haiti presidential candidate in 2010. When Martelly won the general election in 2011 and assumed his presidential position on May 14th. His election campaign is to restore the abolished nation’s military in 1990.

President Martelly Declares 2013 Year of Environment


In commemoration of 209th anniversary of Haitian Independence, President Michel Martelly announced officially that 2013 is the year of environment for Haiti last Tuesday. The Haitian president asked his countrymen to participate with the government’s efforts in maintaining their ecosystem through planting of trees. The United Nations Development Programme reported that Haiti is currently in environmental disaster, as Haiti’s drainage basins are seriously damaged. Deforestation is the number one factor that causes loss of 37 million tonnes of arable land. Martelly also assured the citizen that the government will continue its commitment in recovering the country’s economy and self-sufficiency before his term as the president ends.

President Michel Martelly Recent Meeting with President Castro

Mr. President Michel Martelly went to the Cuban Capital this past Tuesday, the 27th, to meet with the current Cuban president Raul, Castro’s brother to go over important subjects matter such as: mechanical services, agriculture, literacy, and specially health; considering how dependent the Republic of Haiti is on the Cuban’s health system.

All the head of states and departments were in attendance. Mr. Rogelio Sierra Diaz, Cuba’s vice-minister of foreign affairs; Mr. Pirre Richard Casimir, foreign minister; Ms. Stephanie Villedouin, minister of Tourism and many others.

Before Michel and Raul went to talk privately for over an hour, he took the opportunity to lay flowers for Cuba’s National Heroes.