I Am from Haiti Poker Playing Cards

Game night deserves the perfect deck of cards.  Enjoy these easy-to-shuffle, I AM from Haiti Poker playing cards. Portable for travel and camping, makes a great gift to give your friends who are teachers, or performers. Each deck includes 52 playing cards and 2 Jokers. 

Haiti Engraved Maple Wood Classic Yo-Yo

Traditional yo-yo engraved with the island of Haiti. Clear lacquer finish and standard 85mm braided string makes this yo-yo very durable. The permanent laser etching allows the design to last long and not fade over time. Sturdy wooden yoyo is easy to use and makes a great customized present for children, grandparents, and anybody with […]

Wood domino table-Haiti Flag

Haiti Flag handmade wooden domino table. This domino table is made from solid and high-quality wood and measures 32x32x29, playing area measures 25×25 inches. Two options for the domino holders: cigars or sticks. Designed to play double six or double nine dominoes game Perfect for indoor/outdoor use. Wood is sealed with polyurethane for protection and […]

Haiti Puzzle – The Citadel – Milot, North of Haiti

Enjoy solving this uniquely themed puzzle and connect with Haitian culture. This puzzle features The Citadel – Milot, located North of Haiti. Makes and excellent gift idea. “Citadelle La Ferrière” is a fortress located at Milot, near Cap-Haitian, in the Northern Department of Haiti. It is considered the eighth wonder of the world that was […]

Puzzle/Civism Collection – Reforestation

This beautiful 24-piece reforestation puzzle is fun and easy to put together. The beautiful illustration was created by Jerry Boursiquot and the packaging designed by Edwin Magloire. Haiti puzzle is an item that was made by Game Time Ayiti. Illustration based on reforestation in Haiti. Everyone coming together and planting seeds or young trees leading […]