What’s Ahead in Tourism: Apple Leisure Group Aims to Bring Golf Courses to Haiti By Sandra Chan

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Apple Leisure Group CEO Zozaya - 'Haiti Provides A Great Opportunity'

First published in the “Summer in Haiti Vol. 1′ 2015 digital edition

“Haiti is a country filled with beautiful islands and more investors are seeing its potential and have declared their intent to grab a piece of the pie, so to speak.”

Industry leader Apple Leisure Group is one of the believers in Haiti. As CEO Alex Zozaya states, Haiti is the “next great opportunity” for tourism investors and travelers. In fact, the group has decided to take the initiative and start a project in Haiti. The goal of this project is to provide a “destination within a destination” in Haiti. Although they are not buying or building land in Haiti, they are developing these destinations to eventually offer to investors.

“This project, which Apple Leisure Group have coined a “multi-brand destination”, will have golf courses and its very own airport – amidst a paradise-like beach.”

Golf Courses Coming to Haiti
Golf Courses Coming to Haiti

Apple Leisure Group’s claim that Haiti will be the next tourist destination works side by side with the Haitian government’s plans to push tourism for its country. For years, the Haitian government has been improving their infrastructure, building commodities that perfectly fit the tourism mindset. They are developing their islands – taking note that they have some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean.

While tourist arrival in Haiti has increased by 20% in 2014, the Haitian government aims to improve more – eventually to be at par with their neighbouring countries such as Jamaica and the Dominican Republic. Though the percentage is not as impressive as these neighbouring countries, the Haitian government has high hope, as Haiti has recorded the largest growth rate in tourist arrival in the Caribbean. These numbers are promising for a country that is just getting started.

Haiti is a big player in the Caribbean, and it is making its presence known.


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