Coloring for Adults. Explore Haiti through these complex, hand drawn pen and ink drawings of ordinary scenes, tourist spots, and most loved symbols. Utilize your creative mind to enliven the market scenes with their lively foods, the sugarcane fields in their shades of green and darker, or the sea with tropical fish, occupied anglers. 32 unique drawings. Imprinted on heavy white paper on one side just for simple shading.

Amazon Buyer Review: “In my ongoing search for coloring books featuring other places in the world, I came across this great, beautiful, book of the Haitian culture. Pictures are printed on one side of each page only on white paper about the strength of normal copier paper. You can use pens or markers with a blotter under each page, but there will be bleed through and colored pencils will work more perfectly. The pictures are well drawn of Haitian people going about their daily life at work and play and, of course gorgeous tropical scenes. I consider this one of my treasured coloring books as its theme is not just your everyday flowers and animals or mandalas, but rather a nod to a culture most of us know little of even though this island is located so close to the U.S. Happy I added this to my collection!”