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HOT 100 Haitians: TALENT SEARCH 2022 Edition

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Klike sou Drapo Ameriken an, epi apre klike sou Drapo Ayisyen an pou w ka li enfòmasyon sa an Kreyòl.

POUKISA KONKOU A: jwenn yon talan pou kouvèti a.
DAT POU ANTRE: 27 me 2022
VÒT KÒMANSE: 30 me 2022
VÒT FINI: 10 jen 2022

The magazine is starting to build, categorize and organize different Haitian talents, starting with this year’s HOT 100 HAITIANS contest, and promote them on the world stage. This competition is looking to attract models, influencers, tv/show hosts, podcast personalities, and other entertainment genres.

Haiti Open HOT 100 HAITIANS is an annual summer competition that gives models, influencers, tv/show hosts, podcast personalities, and other entertainment genres living in Haiti, the Americas, Europe and across the Haitian diaspora an exclusive opportunity to discuss their skills, help promote Haitian talents and cultural activities.

This year’s contest will help us find a cover person for our upcoming June 30th SUMMER TALENT SEARCH edition. We’ll select 5 finalists, 2 women, 2 men, and 1 cover winner.

All finalists will have a two-page spread in the magazine, an interview, and a photoshoot with a top photographer. The cover winner will have a 1-year model/influencer contract for $4,000 to help promote our official sponsors (Rankontre, Palmis, and Primary Medical Care Center) with photos and video advertising campaigns.

All contestants must be 18 or older, Haitian or Haitian descent. This contest is available to all Haitian men and women worldwide (Haiti, USA, Canada, DR, Chile, France, Europe, etc.). You do not need to be a subscriber of the magazine to enter; no purchase of any kind necessary.

Use the contest email hot100@haitiopen.com if you’re having issues with the form.

DEADLINE TO ENTER: May 27th, 2022
VOTING BEGINS: May 30th, 2022
VOTING ENDS: June 10th, 2022


Fill out the application below and attach up to 4 photos of yourself.

The Search Is On!
Good luck!

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