Snorkeling off the Shores of Haiti

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Cote Des Arcadins by Holly Daggett

By Megan Collier

For those planning a trip to Haiti, during the summer, chances are you are hoping and looking forward to diving right into that crystal clear Caribbean water you have seen pictures of and dreamt of for quite some time now. Though scuba diving is an option to get a little deeper, the perfect alternative for those that don’t feel quite as comfortable with that is throwing on a snorkel mask and heading right out in front of your resort.

With an incredibly rich and lively marine system throughout the waters of Haiti, snorkeling gives you a chance to get a closer look at numerous vibrant and colorful species just yards away from the shore. Unlike other activities where you may possibly have to join a large group and spend all day on a massive boat, snorkeling allows you to head into the waters whenever you please.

Cote Des Arcadins source - reamteaminternational org 2
Cote Des Arcadins source – reamteaminternational org 2

A Fun Family Water Sport

For families traveling with children, snorkeling is absolutely ideal and the best option for those families looking to spend some time together and create lasting memories. There are plenty of resorts, stores and shops that visitors can either rent out or purchase snorkel masks at a very reasonable price.

Of course for those hoping to make an entire day out of it, boat excursions through resorts located in La Côte des Arcadins offer trips that will have you exploring different parts of the ocean, fishing ports and of course allow for you to jump in and snorkel around the boat. On all of the excursions you will find throughout the area, snorkel masks and gear are always provided by the company making your experience much more relaxed and stress-free.

For those who choose to spend most of their days at beach clubs found at La Côte des Arcadins, you can get the best of both worlds and in between swimming and drinking at the pool bars, head out to the ocean with a snorkel mask and explore the wonders underneath the surface. Many of the resorts and beach clubs are often mere yards away from the sandy beach shores and provide great snorkeling options for their guests.

“Snorkeling Is The Easiest Way to Explore Under Water Haiti”

Cote Des Arcadins soure - reamteaminternational org
Cote Des Arcadins soure – reamteaminternational org

Not only is snorkeling a fun and exciting water sport to do while in Haiti, it is also something for the more budget travelers who aren’t looking to spend a ton of money on activities. Snorkeling in Haiti is something that gives you the chance to explore some of the Caribbean’s most beautiful and breathtaking creatures and marine life all within an arms reach.

Quick useful information:

  • Best place to snorkel: La Côte des Arcadins


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