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Kayaking Through the Waters of Haiti

Photo by Lize Egle Gonzaga

By Megan Collier

Imagine gliding through the pristine waters of the Caribbean and finding yourself surrounded by pure natural beauty at nearly every turn you take. Well, if that sounds like a good time to you then there truly is no better place to do just that other than the beautiful country of Haiti. With multiple resorts all within an hour and a half’s drive from the Port-Au-Prince, Airport, you will be able to spend your days out on the waters in between digging your feet into the warm and soft sand of the beaches.

For years, kayaking has been one of the best ways to head out on the waters and explore the different surroundings that make Haiti such a unique and beautiful place to visit. Choose from either a regular sea kayak or one of the amazing clear bottom kayaks that allow you to see everything your kayak passes by.

Lize Egle Gonzaga Labadee
Lize Egle Gonzaga Labadee

“Use Clear-bottom Kayaks to See Below and All-around You”

From the start of your adventures on the kayak where you will be able to see straight down to the bottom of the ocean, gazing at colorful fish going about their days to the exploring the deeper parts of the ocean that are just as unique and amazing; you will be able to quickly realize that kayaking is one of the greatest water activities you can participate in while in Haiti.

One of the best places to head to for kayaking is La Côte des Arcadins where you will find plenty of other families, friends and groups all participating in several water activities and all having the time of their lives. Especially during the peak season months, hotels and resorts are always offering numerous activities for friends and families to enjoy during their stay. Though other water sports are popular, kayaking seems to always be at the top of visitors lists seeing as it gives them a chance to not only explore the waters but also to get away from the hustle and bustle that occurs often on the beaches.


Labadee 1


If you are hoping to head out in a group tour or excursion, there are also plenty of guides that can show you around and offer you a different experience rather than being on your own. Guided kayak tours allow for you to gain a better understanding of the surroundings and point out certain things you may not have seen otherwise.

Whether you choose a clear bottom kayak or a regular kayak, a guided tour or a lone exploration, one thing is for certain…your experience is sure to be one that you will not soon forget.

Quick useful information:

  • Best place to kayak: La Côte des Arcadins

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