Flight: What Airlines to Take When Flying to Haiti

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Flight to Haiti

By Megan Collier

First published in the “Summer in Haiti Vol. 1′ 2015 digital edition

When deciding to head to Haiti to experience all that the beautiful country has to offer an incredible and unforgettable time, it is important to figure out how and from where you are going to get there. Haiti is home to one international airport in its capital, Port Au Prince. Though there are certainly not a million different cities in which you can depart from in order to get into Haiti, there are plenty of options from different continents that are sure to have you arriving soundly and safely to your Caribbean destination.

Travel to Haiti tips

Departure Cities From the U.S. & Canada 

For those travelers heading to Haiti from the United States or Canada, there are two airports in two different states that you can choose to depart from, which are provided by 4 different airlines. Here are your options…

Miami, Florida: Leaving from Miami means you can choose from either American Airlines (3 flights daily) or Delta Airlines (1 flight daily).

New York: Leaving from JFK Airport in New York gives you three different airline options including American Airlines, Delta Airlines or Jet Blue Airlines all of which have one departing flight per day.

Montreal, Canada: This flight is through Air Canada and occurs every Tuesday during the morning.

Departure Cities From Europe 

Similar to the flights departing from the U.S., there are 3 different airline options for those departing from Europe and they include the following…

Paris, France: This departs from the Orly Airport and includes 2 different airline options between Air France (1 flight daily) and Air Caraibes (2 flights weekly).

Madrid, Spain: Though this is not a direct flight, there is an option to take an Air Caraibes flight that occurs once daily.

All Other Departure Cities 

If none of the previously mentioned departure cities suit your travel needs, then the following cities are the remaining ones in which to choose from when heading to Haiti…

Santo Domingo: Just a short plane ride away from the Dominican Republic, Tortug Air provided two flights per day.

Santiago de Cuba: This flight departing from Cuba leaves every Friday and is provided by Aero Caribbean.

Panama City: Leaving once per day, Copa Airlines provides a flight leaving from Panama City.

Point a Pitre: Leaving from Guadalupe, this flight is provided by Air Caraibes once daily.

“Whenever traveling to Haiti, always be sure to book well in advanced so as to avoid increased airline prices.”






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